Panorama Entrepreneurship and Career Development
Agenda – free discussions

During the Panorama, some 150 panellists will participate in 36 panel discussions.

Following the panel discussions, anyone interested in learning more about the topics explored can move to a smaller room where an open discussion will be held with the panellists for at least an hour.

There is no agenda for these discussions – just questions, interesting conversation, and of course networking!


Whether an open discussion will take place after a given panel discussion will be announced by the moderator at the beginning of each panel discussion. This will depend on the panellists’ availability (at least one panellist will have to agree to participate in the open discussion) and on interest expressed by conference attendees. Open discussions will not be held after the three final panel discussions each day, due to conference operating hours.

I think the best part in Panorama was the “agenda-free discussions”.There was an impressively warm and more direct contact with the speakers.

Stavros Katsaros, Visitor

I really think that the “agenda-free discussions” were the best that Panorama could offer. Through these discussions many of my questions were answered and I learned a lot of things I did not know and I would need as a student in the near future.

Fotios Mamai, Visitor

I participated in the agenda-free discussion of the panel “The Shipping Grid: the Other Side of Career in Maritime Business” and I can say that I received vital advice!

Espero Marinos, Visitor

I was immensely impressed by the “agenda-free discussions”. They offered me a great deal and made me think about the coming future.

Konstantinos Papathanasiou, Visitor

I was very impressed by the “agenda-free discussions” because they were different from the other sessions I attended over the weekend. It was like all of us chatting on the couch of our house!

Maria-Georgia Sakellaridis, Visitor