What is the Panorama event?

The Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development is the largest multi-conference on youth entrepreneurship and career orientation issues.

It is addressed mainly, but not exclusively, to young men and women, aged 18 to 35, regardless of educational background/orientation. It is being held, for the 8th time, at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (Metro Station: Megaro Moussikis), with the participation of 200 distinguished panellists and the support of top enterprises.

The Panorama’s main goal is to inform our young people, through 36 panels, about current trends and professional options and prospects in some 15 sectors of the economy, so that they can choose the optimal course, whether as employees or entrepreneurs.

At the same time, we want to promote the ‘Other Greece’ of innovation and internationalization.

This year, too, we are offering our workshops, off-programme discussions, round tables and of course our Business Day, the very successful educational excursions to multinationals, which 900 young men and women aged 18 to 35 were invited to participate in last year.

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The sectors are:

PharmaceuticalData AnalyticsLogistics
Health CareRetailConsulting
Digital MarketingHeavy IndustryInsurance
Artificial IntelligenceInternet SecurityDesign

Activities to choose from


The 36 panel discussions will present the current and future opportunities and prospects for entrepreneurship and employment in 15 dynamic sectors of the economy.

Our visitors will also have the opportunity to hear the personal stories of entrepreneurs who will give practical advice based on their professional experience.

If you are interested in launching a business endeavour, or if you have already done so and are looking for capital for further growth, you will be brought up to speed on the various means of support available to enterprises.

Our panellists have distinguished themselves in the area of their panel’s focus. Entrepreneurs (young as well as more experienced), CEOs and high-ranking managers/executives will participate in the 36 panels.

The panels are held in tandem, in three rooms , so, as a visitor, you need to choose which ones you want to attend. Naturally, you can attend any panel discussion of your choice, and if it turns out a given panel doesn’t interest you, you can move on to another room. Your ticket DOES NOT guarantee you a seat for a specific panel, so you will have to arrive in good time to ensure you get a seat for the panel or panels of your choice.


This year, for the sixth year running, we are continuing our successful “Business Days” programme: educational visits to major, successful businesses. Last year, 900 young men and women were given the opportunity to participate in the 36 scheduled Business Days.

More information on Business Days is available here:


This year, too, we are holding our two-hour workshops for 50 participants.

We will be posting more information on our workshops soon.


This year we are introducing our new activity “MEET THE EXECUTIVES”. In each “MEET THE EXECUTIVE” session, a business manager will describe to us what he / she does on a daily basis, what are his / her basic duties, what knowledge and skills are required for this post and what the challenges he/she faces are.

These presentations will be held in a 50-people conference room.


In the Panorama’s early years, we saw that, in a number of cases, visitors ‘descended on’ speakers at the end of a panel discussion, asking them questions for another hour or two.

Since the 2013 Panorama, we decided to organize these discussions: after each panel discussion, panellists and visitors may “withdraw” to a smaller room for an open discussion.

It was a very successful idea, and we are continuing it this year.

More information is available here:


A €5 or €10 ticket enables visitors to attend any panel discussions or workshop of their choice, at no extra cost (provided seating is still available when they arrive) or to participate in an off-programme discussion (the rooms are small, so seating is limited), and to apply for participation in the Business Days (again, at no extra cost). The difference between the two tickets is that the €5 ticket is good for one day (whichever day the visitor wants to attend on, with no prior notification required), while the €10 ticket covers attendance on all three days.

Target audience

The Panorama is addressed mainly, but not exclusively, to young men and women aged 18 to 35 who are already active or want to become active in the Business sector and develop a creative and successful career:

  • as business executives/managers
  • by testing their abilities in business activities.

More specifically, the Panorama is addressed to:

1) Undergraduate and graduate students in all Sciences:
Technological, Economic, Exact Sciences, Legal and Social Sciences, the Humanities

2) Young women and men who want to become active or are already active in business.

3) Young business executives who are thinking about career reorientation.

4) Relatives of young people, educators and anyone interested in career choice issues.


Professor Iordanis Ladopoulos


Mr. Ladopoulos is a Professor of Business Administration at the Athens University of Economics and Business and holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus. He continued his studies in Germany, at Ludwig – Maximilianus – Universität, receiving his doctorate. During a sabbatical in 1985, he was hosted at the London Business School and the MIT Sloan Management School, in the U.S., where he carried out a detailed study of the programmes for executive development at large companies.

He developed all of his educational and research activities through the Agora of Managerial and Entrepreneurial Thought events held over the course of 33 years at the Athens University of Economics and Business, in close cooperation with many distinguished enterprises.

Recognizing industry needs in the area of human resources, he designed and developed Concept Management by: Leadership, Group Dynamics, Motivation, Change, Chaos, Innovation, Conflicts, Ethics and Social Responsibility. This programme was aimed at instilling and cultivating in the trainee the necessary skills for his/her professional development within a company.


Specifically, he developed the following educational programmes:
1. Argonaut Campaign, 2. Olympians, 3. Heracles
4. Kerdoos (Kerdeon) Hermes I, 5. Kerdoos (Kerdeon) Hermes II, 6. Summer Open University




The event is being organized by the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Research Centre, a private non-profit organization set up by Mr. Ladopoulos.