Giokas Yiannis 1

Γκιόκας Γιάννης

Vice President Research & Development

PCCW Global

Yiannis Giokas is a 35-year-old serial entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in the ICT and Cybersecurity industries. Driven by his problem solving attitude and his passion for solutions in the areas of cybersecurity and big-data management, he has demonstrated a strong can do attitude and innovative thinking throughout his career development.

His experience in wide ranging areas in the areas of solutions & product lifecycle, combined with his leadership abilities and deep operational expertise provide a basis for a growing professional path leading to a successful exit.

He found Crypteia Networks back in late 2011, a Greek company offering cutting edge patented security-as-a-service solutions, which has been acquired in late 2014 by Hong Kong’s Telecom international arm, PCCW Global, where he serves today as VP of Research & Development.

Yiannis acts as angel investor, mentor and advisor to entrepreneurs, helping them to improve product development as well as business planning, while coaching them on how to build profitable, scalable and efficient businesses in preparation for venture financing. He is a frequent guest speaker in conferences & forums on the topics of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and startups.