Habachy Chris

General Partner

Charge Ventures

Chris Habachy  is a co-Founder and General Partner of Charge Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm based in New York City. He has evaluated numerous companies in his professional career and also invested in startups from various sectors such as marketplaces, VR, AI, messaging, healthcare, and logistics, among others in the US.

Besides being a tech investor, Chris has also been a 4x entrepreneur in different sectors, as well as an investment manager in an EMEA Private Equity house, a business development manager in a food commodity trading house, and an investment analyst in a financial brokerage firm.
He holds an MBA with concentration in E-business from the University of San Francisco, where he’s an active mentor. In his free time he writes about technology and venture capital and he occasionally blogs at Medium.

He’s married and has a 3-yr old son.