Katsos Vassilios

Κάτσος Βασίλειος

CEO and Member of the Board


Vassilios Katsos was born in Athens, graduating first from Pierce College before continuing his studies at the University of Athens’ Faculty of Pharmacy. Since 1993 he has been President of the Board of Directors at Pharmathen Pharmaceuticals and one of the major shareholders. Under his leadership the strategic restructuring of the family company began in 1993 with an emphasis first on strengthening the company’s presence in the Greek market, and thereafter on the expansion of international activities.

In 2015 BC Partners acquired a controlling stake in Pharmathen with a clear view of enhancing the company’s international operations, and creating a strong global company.

Today, Vassilios Katsos acts as  C.E.O. of Pharmathen, which has become a leading pharma company with sales in over 85 countries. The company has achieved impressive growth, with revenue of €200 million and employing 1.000 people.

An active entrepreneur, Mr. Katsos has invested in and sits on the board of various companies Through his investment  company, VNK CAPITAL, focused in Healthcare, Real Estate, 3PL and  food industry.