Dimitris Skourogiannis

Σκουρογιάννης Δημήτρης

Strategic Design Consultant, Multidisciplinary Design – Experience Enhancement – Learning «Journeys»

Dimitris Skourogiannis studied Industrial Product Design (MA Design) and Visual Communications, in Athens and Milan.

Active since 1985, in the field of Design Consultancy for many companies and organizations in Greece and abroad. He has been one of the main external creative partners of the Athens 2004 organizational committee.

In the ongoing effort to better illustrate the perspectives and options of the wider area of design and it’s dynamic development, he has published many reports, curated a number of conference and exhibition events, participated in special committees and organized many educational activities. He has also been publisher of the award-winning international magazine «Multidisciplinary NTIZAIN».

On 1993 has founded and for 22 years has been Head of the Product Design Department (BA Hon’s) in ΑΚΤΟ Art & Design College, in collaboration with Middlesex University (UK). The department and its alumni have received a great number of national and international awards and it was ranked as one of the top product design schools internationaly. Since 2015, the department evolved into the new multidisciplinary Product & Design Innovation.

Through the mentioned department he founded the first Innovation Lab in Greece, intended to research & promote the connection of Product Design with a wide range of development fields for the Greek economy.

Until 2016 he was the Director for the Retail Network of the Benaki Museum & also for the MENTIS Yarn manufactory – Center for the preservation of traditional textile techniques, in Athens.

Since 2013 he is curator of the annual presence of exceptional young product designers from Greece, at the TEDx Academy. “Weaving Evolution : A Design project” and “RETASTE Greece – A Food Design Future” were two recent research workshops organized through this collaboration.

On September 2015 he was a TEDx Academy speaker on Design Thinking.

He has received many distinctions for his work, which has been repeatedly published in the Greek and international press.