Edison Cheryl

Founder, Business Innovation Advisor and Strategist

Cheryl Edison is a Founder, Business Innovation Advisor and Strategist from Silicon Valley, California. Quoted by USA Today, NPR and CNN, with articles reporting on her most recent work in FastCompany, the Business Times and Yahoo Finance, Edison services include advisory, workshops and public forums on entrepreneurial mindset, innovation incubation and community activation for thriving cities through placemaking. Speaking three languages, Edison has worked in 47 industries, on five continents. She works with local teams to transform underutilized properties into thriving centers for local economies through strategic launch of startup ecosystems, bringing together entrepreneurs, property developers, investors, city planners, government agencies and Fortune 100 corporations. Client list includes merchant bankers SKB, HIAG Immobilien, Carrefour, Norway Innovation, Warner Brothers, Makerfaire, Salesforce, the Urban Land Institute (ULI), and US Embassy outposts around the world.